3 Stylish Non-boring Ways to Wear a Scarf

3 Stylish Non-boring Ways to Wear a Scarf

Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories around. They can literally be worn during any season, depending on the material. I personally keep one winter scarf in my closet, and multiple patterned scarves that can be worn throughout the year. Now, you may not have a ton of scarves like myself, but you can style the one you have in many different ways. Check out my top 3 ways to wear a scarf, plus gather some inspiration from others shown below!

" A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories"- Oscar de la Renta

The Headwrap

Headwraps have slowly taken the place of my bad hair day accessory, which is the baseball cap. I don't have to worry about looking too casual, or not as put together as I would like because headwraps can take your look in any direction you choose. 

 Source: Pinterest 

The Let It Hang

This look is less about staying warm and more about the aesthetic. Simply throw it on over your coat and you have a subtle look. Sometimes, I wear mine around my neck throughout the day as part of my outfit. It really comes in handy during those cold days in the office.

Source: Pinterest


The Off The Shoulder 

Wearing a scarf off the shoulder is probably one of the chicest looks. Would you agree?! 

 What's your favorite style to wear a scarf?! Leave a comment below. 




A lot of people do not know HOW TO STYLE A SCARF. Some do not even bother. Scarfs are great accessories and can pop your attire making a statement. Going through this article, I have seen some very good scarfs and inspired ways to style them. Thank you for this and keep doing what you do. I hope you read my comment. Kuddos!


Love all of these ways! Especially the one with the grey scarf on the shoulder. Very chic


I love this! I have so many scarfs in my closet that I never seem to wear! I will have to get them out now!


I just bought a couple of scarves and this comes on helpful on how to wear them. Thanks for this!

Stephanie Ferguson

I’ve been trying for months to tie a headwrap. I got it once but it wasn’t good enough to go outside LOL. Great post!


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