6 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Closet Like a Pro

6 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Closet Like a Pro


For weeks now, I have had that nagging feeling of being underwhelmed by my wardrobe, and at times feeling like I have nothing to wear. If you looked in my closet, you would certainly say that’s not true, and I would have to agree. This is a feeling I believe many of us are going through at this very moment. The changing season could partly be to blame, but the ultimate culprit is our chaotic closet. Yes, sis, it’s time for the biggest task left on your cleaning list. The task of all tasks- spring cleaning your closet.


Step 1: Create a Motivating Playlist

Nothing is more annoying than starting a task and losing motivation to complete it mid-way through, so make sure you set yourself up for success. Find a playlist or two that you love or create your own. Set the mood! 90’s R&B, a light fragrance candle, and a few snacks on standby help me get through my to-do list from beginning to end.

Step 2: Clear It Out!

The best way to really spring clean a closet is to clean it out entirely. Clearing out your closet will help you reach dust more easily and spot items that need to be tossed (donated).

Step 3: Put Seasonal Items in Storage

Those heavy winter coats, bulky sweaters, and snow boots will create unnecessary clutter, so put them in storage. Don’t get crazy with purging though! Think about what you will be able to wear given the climate you are in. Here in the Midwest, spring feels more like fall so light sweaters, trench coats, and jeans are still necessary.

Step 4: Apply the One Year Rule

Parting ways with certain pieces in our wardrobe can sometimes be a scary decision to make, but if you haven’t worn it in a year or more, you’re most likely not going to. I’m sure there are some pieces that you’ll want to revisit after a brief hiatus, and trends almost always come back around, so exceptions can be made! Here are some questions to help you out:

Do I wear it?

Do I like it?

Does it Fit?

Does it need repair?

Step 5: Organize

Now that you have dusted your closet, purged unwanted items, and stored seasonal items, where does everything go? Put the clothes, handbags, and shoes you use and wear regularly withing reach. Rarely used items can be stored up high, but not out of sight. I typically like organizing clothing by category and sometimes by color too.

Step 6: Note Gaps in Your Wardrobe

The hard work is done, and now it’s time to assess your wardrobe. You may discover you only have many statement tops and no basics. Maybe all of your jeans are distressed and not one pair fits you well. Or in my case, I have a wardrobe full of color, and not many essential pieces.

Noting the pieces you need and those you have plenty of can help you prioritize during a future shopping experience.


I love this, gonna apply this when tackling my closet next week!!!

Regina Mcdonald

This was so on time. My closets seem to be bursting at the seams right now, and I’m realizing my style has changed. I want to enter 30 with a true grown and quality wardrobe.


I go through my closet often. If I see something I’m not going to wear or don’t like anymore I get rid of it! I don’t care for a lot of “stuff” especially clothes because I wear the same things over & over. Thanks for the tips!

Sunny D

I can definitely use these tips. Been thinking of spring cleaning out my closet soon!


Great tips! I have cleaning out my closet on my spring cleaning to do list.


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