How I Celebrated My Birthday During A Pandemic

How I Celebrated My Birthday During A Pandemic

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While most of the outside world is pretty much open, there are still quite a few restrictions that make celebrating special occasions in a public setting less than fun. For one, many restaurants have limited large parties to a table of 6 or less. I mean, this isn't a terrible idea, but add on social distancing from other guests in the restaurant, wearing a face mask, and just the uneasiness in general- what's the point? So, instead of skipping my birthday celebration altogether, I decided to bring the party to my home! In all honesty, small gatherings with close friends in a comfortable environment will be the new wave for the rest of 2020!

As I pondered on how to make the best of my birthday during an ongoing pandemic, I unexpectedly came across a local event stylist, Kimberly Dugan, owner of The Vibeologist. I reached out to Kimberly and shared ideas of what vibe I was going for, as well as the dress I would be wearing the evening of the dinner party. I booked her services, and the outcome was beautiful. Kimberly, The Vibeologist, created the perfect vibe!
Intimate table setting with pink flowers and candles
Once set-up was complete for my evening celebration, I began getting myself together. There wasn't much for me to do as far as makeup, since a few hours prior, I completed my photoshoot for ZURRI Boutique's fall and winter marketing content- EXCITED! I slipped into my dress and instantly fell in love all over again. When I tell you, this dress is FABULOUS, trust me, it is! It was only right for me to begin taking selfies and strutting around my home as If I was practicing for the Midwest Fashion Week.

As I wrap up my reflection on my fabulous dinner party, I can't help but think about how many people have decided to cancel their special moments this year. Yes, stay safe, healthy, and take all the necessary precautions, but don't forget to celebrate you, and more importantly, LIFE.


* Check out ZURRI Boutique For more details on the Floral Party Dress shown.


Absolutely stunning. You just gave me several ideas for our future house warming… I’m so in love with small gatherings…

Gabbe Bee

Sis, that dress and party set up was everything. Too many people canceled celebrations this year. You looking good though


Thank you so much for the opportunity!!! You looked amazing!!! Cheers to a new year but still looking all of 21!

Kimberly Dugan

Great read! Looks like y’all had a blast. Hope you enjoyed your day.

Much Love,

Belinda Murry

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