How to Pack a Wide Brim Hat Without Crushing It

How to Pack a Wide Brim Hat Without Crushing It

Deciding what to pack for a trip can become a hassle. It can especially bring down the excitement of traveling when you're not certain what will fit and/or what will survive the trip in one piece. I know I have gone through this a few times when traveling with hats that are anything but a baseball cap. Luckily, I have found an easy way to pack my wool felt hat for my next trip and thought, why not share it with you! 

Please keep in mind; floppy hats, sun hats, straw hats, wool or felt hats are good choices for packing, but anything rigid is a no go. You run the risk of cracking your hat if it is rigid. I am not taking the blame for that lol!

Step One: Place all your heavy items such as jeans, heavy shirts, sweaters on the bottom of your suitcase or bag. Make sure you are creating a flat and stable surface when doing this. 

Step Two: Stuff the crown of your hat with small items that will act as a filler. Items such as socks and underwear work great. This will help the crown keep its shape.

Step Three: Place your hat on top of the heavy items you already packed, then start packing your lighter items around it. Keep layering items around the crown making sure it is packed tightly so that the hat doesn't move during travel. Please make sure you don't over pack, otherwise your hat will be squished- not a cute look.

I hope this how to guide helped! Let me know below if you have ever left an item behind due to traveling.


This was brilliant! I don’t wear hats but my sister does and travels often so I will share this packing hack!

Bethanni Williams

Great tip! I usually try to carry my hat on, but now I have a better way to pack it.


This is a great idea and it definitely beats wearing it on the plane!

Kel Cole

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