How To Re-shape Your Brim

How To Re-shape Your Brim

Over time your hat may lose its shape. Many factors contribute to this, but the most common factor is not properly storing your hat. If you put your hat away in a box, on a hat rack, or create a hat wall, you may be able to avoid a wavy/warped hat. In any case, I'll be sharing how to restore your hat to its original shape!

First, you will need an iron (or steamer), a clean rag, and a flat surface that can withstand heat. Use your iron on steamer setting, place your rag over the section you are going to steam, and lightly brush the hot air around the brim. Push down on the brim of your hat to make it even flatter.

Once you have your desired shape, wait 5 minutes for your brim to become stiff again. You are more than welcome to repeat the process as needed until your desired shape is achieved. I hope this quick read helped you, and I can't wait to share more tips soon!


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