Let’s Talk Accessories...

Let’s Talk Accessories...

Every season there's a new silhouette, pattern, or fabric that is trending straight from fashion week runways. The same is less than likely seen when it comes to accessories. Accessories are usually the last item we add to our looks, and more often than not, we skip it altogether. What I have noticed is that trends in accessories come and go every season, and there is no easy way to navigate the trends to come.

Looking back, I can remember a time where accessories were somewhat of a necessity to complete my personal look. It showcased not only my personality, but also my sophisticated and sometimes whimsical style. Depending on the season, what I saw on a celebrity, or what event I wanted to incorporate a theme to, I was  accessorized out. During this time I was still figuring out my fashion sense and personal style. A 23 year old part-time college student working for Forever 21’s sister store, For Love 21( the most trendy accessory store). It didn’t matter if my look for the day was basic or fashion forward, an arm full of bangles or beads and a pair of statement earrings were needed before I left the house. If memory serves me right, accessories were a staple for all women at the time. Large scarfs served as a fashion statement, beanies transformed to a protective style, and large costume necklaces were just a fun touch to compliment our outfit.


Over the years costume jewelry and bold accessories began to take a step back as the focus prevailed back into clothing. Hoop earrings here and there and a small necklace is what many of our personal choice of accessory consists of these days.

What I love about spring and summer 2019 is the revival of big chains, colorful jewelry, hair clips and pins, shells and charms. You can find a few of my favorite trending accessories right here at ZURRI Boutique.





Resin is a big trend for 2019. This cuff bracelet is personally my favorite. A classic and timeless feel that can be paired with a simple black dress. 



Charm/Bead Bracelets

Bring back childhood memories and Juicy Couture vibes with this stacked charm bracelet. That was exactly my first thought when I saw this charmed bracelet. Honestly, I don't think beaded arm candy will ever go out of style.



You don't have to be a fan of fashion to know neon is in. We have seen this trend pop in the fall and follow us to spring with neon green and bright orange everything. The neon trend doesn’t just stop with our clothes though and surely doesn’t consist of just neon green. This trend is picking up and definitely sticking around for yet another season. 



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I absolutely love accessories! I’ve lightened up over the years but there was a time where I felt every outfit required an amazing set of accessories. Thanks for sharing!

April Renee

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