Kimono Cardigan: The Perfect Delicate Layer to Any Outfit

Kimono Cardigan: The Perfect Delicate Layer to Any Outfit

No matter what season of the year it is, kimonos will always be a stylish addition to your wardrobe! It’s the perfect way to change up your outfit without fully committing to changing what you have on. Kimonos also won’t weigh you down like a knitted cardigan.

 We have added this Detail Lacey Kimono to our ZURRI Curve Collection here at ZURRI Boutique. Lately, this piece has been my favorite addition to my wardrobe (besides my layered charmed bracelets).  It’s fun and bright, as well as light in fabric and full of beautiful embroidered detail. Sometimes I find myself grabbing a kimono to add a pop of color or detail to my outfit, or simply because I’m feeling a little more self-conscious about my chubby arms. Whatever the case may be, it works for exactly what I need it for on that day.


Below are a couple of ways I styled Detail Lacey Kimono!




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I LOVEEE kimonos!!! This one has a vintage feel and it’s wearable with everything

Bethanni Williams

I really love kimonos for this reason you can dress them up and switch up the different looks

Teeara Ida
I Love kimonos because they can dress up or dress down an outfit. I also hate my arms so they do a good job at hiding that… LOL

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