My 4 Favorite Stay At Home Looks

My 4 Favorite Stay At Home Looks

Seeing as though we’ll all be homebodies for a little while longer, I wanted to share some of my favorite looks I wear around the house. One of the things I love most about these looks is that they can quickly transition into an outfit you can wear outside! Below are 4 of my favorite at home looks.



1. 'Still Dreaming' Romper *Curve

'Still Dreaming' Romper

2. 'Tie-dye Denim and Pearl' Headband

3. 'Biker Shorts' in color dusty rose

4. ZARA Oversized Button-up



I really love the design and layout of your blog, and your fashion. Looks are on point sis, and a nice fashion motivation for fits I can’t wait to wear after Quarantine lol! Keep it up because you got it sis!

Kadijah Belle

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