Tie-Dye: The Trend Everyone Is Loving and How To Wear It

Tie-Dye: The Trend Everyone Is Loving and How To Wear It

While considered nostalgic, tie-dye is one trend that is without a doubt making a comeback and nearly inescapable this season. Spring 2019 I predicted tie-dye being a huge trend for the season, but we mostly saw this trend in the DIY scene. Now that it has made its way into the high-fashion realm, tie-dye has gained its stamp of approval from celebrities and influencers alike.

How To Wear Tie-Dye In 2020

An overall fun trend, a lot of what makes tie-dye successful is the quality of the dye and pattern. Much different than your late 60s and early 70s take on tie-dye, what is trending now is minimal with fewer colors. Modern tie-dye to look for is cotton-candy hued pastels, subtle and geometric patterns.

Woman in solider navy pants and  blue tie-dye top

Don't Complicate It- If you think this trend is not for you, I totally challenge you to give it try. Tie-dye doesn't have to be a head-to-toe look, but rather an eye-catching addition to a more neutral tone piece.  


Woman vacationing in pastel color tie-dye wrap dress

Fashion & Style Influencer Monroe Steele wearing tie-dye wrap dress

Don't Limit Yourself- Limiting yourself in fashion is never fun! Step outside of the usual tee and sweatpants and into an elegant take on this trend. Designers such as Amanda Uprichard, Versace and more, are including tie-dye in their silhouettes and cuts.


Rihanna photoed in a pastel tie-dye jogger set

J LO PHOTOGRAphed in a tie-dye sweatshirt and white leggings

All Else Fails, Lounge It Out- With the pandemic still in full swing, it can be easy to want to stick to clothing that is a little comfier such as sweatpants, tees, and loungewear. If this is where you stand with your fashion sense, add a unique vibe while still staying on-trend. Tie-dye sets are extremely easy to come by right now and the color choices are endless!




I like tie dye but I don’t. It really depends on the colors and the pattern created. I gravitate towards the cloud dye more and in black but I like some pastels. ☺️ I definitely support the lounge it up tip, that’s the easiest way to wear it.


I am loving this new trend, and glad it’s back because I loved it back in the day. Love your tip about not Complicating things, and wearing it as lounge wear as well.

Karisha Parks

I actually like plain tye dye like the blue dress and not too many colors .

Keena C

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