What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding


 Summer has arrived which also means wedding season is upon us. And, while it is exciting to receive an invitation in the mail, it can be less than exciting figuring out what to wear. If your invitation is accompanied by a dress code list, then you don’t have much to worry about. If you are still unsure, grab that list and pair it with our suggestions for a complete look!

The number one rule to keep in mind regardless of the dress code is to be respectful of the ceremony. This should be a no-brainer, but absolutely do not wear white unless requested by the bride. Yes, white dresses in the summer are cute, we know! But for this occasion, it is a no. Instead opt for neutral colors like pale pink, sky blue, or soft yellow. 


Continue reading below for some suggestions right from ZURRI Boutique!



A Casual Beach Wedding

You don't want to wear anything with lots of layers. This can weigh you down and you will ultimately feel like a sweaty mess. Choose something that is light, airy, and comfortable such as the ‘Tropic Sunset’ maxi dress or ‘Mimosa Me’ mini dress. Be sure to wear comfortable flat sandals that you can easily slide on and off while walking through the sand.




Semi-Formal Wedding

Semi-formal weddings are the perfect time to wear that statement dress that is a little more eye-catching than your everyday look. ‘Purple Peplum' and ‘Lady Silhouette' are two vibrant eye catching dresses that are sophisticated and sexy all in one. You won’t take away from the bride, but you are sure to receive plenty of compliments.

Definitely wear heels and ACCESSORIZE, honey!




If You Want To Wear Pants

For the ladies who choose to wear pants, still try to be somewhat dressy. Coordinating suits are a great way to go, or a relaxed chic jumpsuit such as 'Pink Lilly'.

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